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20 - Auroras Westside
Auroras Westside

Project Infomation -PHP Dynamic content website. Web Admin control panel to manage all content pages, photo gallery, etc.
Date - 5.2005

19 - Evolution Deck
Evolution Deck

Project Infomation -Flash website. Silverlight Deck Builder software. The website markets a new deck building technology. The deck builder software written in Microsoft(R) Silverlight(R) allows users to design their deck online and submit for pricing. Corporate Portal allows owners to manage materials, costs, etc. Contractor Portal allows building contractors to manage their clients and requests.
Date - 3.2009

18 - Rotary Fest
Rotary Fest

Project Infomation -Dynamic website with user submissions. Full back end control panel to manage content pages.
Date - 3.2009

17 - Life Bites
Life Bites

Project Infomation -E-Commerce specialty dog food merchandise shopping site.
Date - 3.2009

16 - Velorution

Project Infomation -Took an already existing website and made it totally database driven for 99% of all content, look and feel. Also included the ability to create themed versions to allow entire change of website on the fly.
Date - 2.2009

15 - Island Enterprises
Island Enterprises

Project Infomation -Dynamic website with content management system and flash header with meanu.
Date - 6.2007

14 - Canadian Genbukan Ninpo Bugei
Canadian Genbukan Ninpo Bugei

Project Infomation -Dynamic website with full content management system. Each instructor can manage their own content. Full business management software built into the backend to manage class schedules, student memberships, monthly/yearly dues, etc.
Date - 6.2008

13 - Trading Post
Trading Post

Project Infomation -Dynamic website with content management system. Flash header with swinging man and moving fly.
Date - 3.2008

12 - My Maries Floral Boutique
My Maries Floral Boutique

Project Infomation -E-Commerce website. We used OS-Commerce and customized the look and some functionality.
Date - 5.2008

11 - Ruscio Construction
Ruscio Construction

Project Infomation -Dynamic website with partial content management system.
Date - 6.2008

10 - Juiced

Project Infomation -Flyers and business cards designed and printed.
Date - 6.2007

09 - Catalina Motel
Catalina Motel

Project Infomation -Full dynamic websites, with online reservation and full back end system for daily management.
Date - 6.2007

08 - Breton House
Breton House

Project Infomation -Static informational website.
Date - 10.2006

07 - Basswerx

Project Infomation -Flash and static informatinoal website.
Date - 2.2007

06 - St-Marys Paper Portal
St-Marys Paper Portal

Project Infomation -Full intranet portal system with dozens of custom made applications for reporting and real-time management of operations and data.
Date - 4.2006

05 - MicroAge Portal
MicroAge Portal

Project Infomation -Fully dynamic database driven website with many client accounts for storing entire business/technology information.
Date - 9.2005

04 - MicroAge Sault Ste. Marie
MicroAge Sault Ste. Marie

Project Infomation -Static informational website.
Date - 3.2007

03 - SalDan Developments Limited
SalDan Developments Limited

Project Infomation -SalDan Developments Limited is a dynamic website. Information is stored in a database which is constantly changing and reflected on the website. A full content management system was built to give SalDan day to day mangement of their company information that is related to their web site.
Date - 6.2005

02 - Scrapbooking Friendzy
Scrapbooking Friendzy

Project Infomation -Scrapbooking Friendzy is a static website. Content is manually managed and is great for most small businesses for an online presence.
Date - 3.2004

01 - Sault Minor Hockey
Sault Minor Hockey

Project Infomation -Sault Minor Hockey is a full fledged multi-user dynamic website. A full content management system with a database system was built to facilitate multiple teams with an extensive security system to allow multiple team managers.
Date - 6.2002

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